Being put on HOLD

We are constantly being put on hold when dealing with the annulment process.

You know when you call your cable company to complain about the internet not working.  They put you on hold to look up your account.  They try to tell you everything is working, yet you know something is not.  You believe the cable guy and hope the internet will start working soon.  You take his advice and turn off everything and reboot all electronics.  A few days go by and yet again the internet is not working.  Another call to the cable company.  You are put on hold and transferred to another department.  They run some diagnostics or so they say.  Everything starts working again and so you hang up and are hopeful.  Yet again, the internet fails just weeks later.  Here we go again, calling the cable company.  How many times am I going to fall for the cable companies tricks to get me to think they are trying to help me.  After so many calls to the cable company in such a short time period, you look for another cable company.  You cancel your service with the cable company that is unable to get the internet working and take your business to a new company that will respond to your concerns and want to keep you as a customer.

That is how I feel about dealing with the advocate and the tribunal office staff.  They trick you into thinking they did something with your annulment case to quiet you and send you on your way.  Yet weeks later, you find out no progress has been made and you are stuck waiting on the tribunal.  You wish there was another company you could take your business or case to, however there is only one tribunal office in your diocese.  You are stuck.  Your only choice is to work with them on your nullity of marriage case.  You must wait it out.  Waiting on the tribunal is now a norm in my life.  So here I am waiting on the Tribunal to make some progress in the case.  Waiting for someone to make a decision if the first marriage was valid or not.  Waiting to find out if we can marry in the Catholic Church or not.  Waiting…..


Author: waitingonthetribunal

We are going through the Catholic Annulment process as we want to get married in 2017.

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