Tribunal Time

“Tribunal Time” is what my advocate calls the lack of meeting deadlines and the failure to do things in a timely manner.  I guess after years of working with the Tribunal office staff on these annulments, she has come to know that they will never and I mean NEVER do things in a timely manner.  She provided us with excuse after excuse and then told us about “Tribunal Time” as if that were a real thing.  I feel that our advocate believes “Tribunal Time” to be a real thing in the real world.  Seriously, do they have their own calendar that the rest of the world has never heard of.  Please share with us common folk the Tribunal calendar so that we are more aware of your timeline and how this process is actually going to drag on forever because of your unprofessional lack of ability to do things in a timely manner.

It is incredibly unprofessional to not meet deadlines.  In any other profession, one would soon be without a job after the many missed deadlines.  But since we are on “Tribunal Time”, the deadlines mean absolutely nothing.  For any other company that would fail to meet deadlines, I would quickly find another company to work with.  Unfortunately,  a Catholic has no other choice except to go to the Diocese Tribunal office for the annulment.  If this was a roofing company that says that they will be here on Friday to repair the hole and they do not show up at all on Friday, then I would contact them to find out why they failed to repair the roof on Friday.  Depending on the conversation, I might try to schedule with them again to come out and repair the roof.  If once again, they fail to show up and repair the roof, then I might inquire again to find out what happened.  Depending on the roof damage and the excuses the company gives me, I could go to another roofing company or stay with them.  In the case of the Catholic Tribunal Office, I only have one choice.  The diocese tribunal office is my one and only option.  I am unable to shop around and find a professional company that will meet deadlines and complete the annulment process in a timely manner.

I wish that the Pope would set more required deadlines that must be meet by the Tribunal office employees.  The fact that the staff at the Catholic Tribunal Office took almost two months to put the official letter notifying the ex about the annulment process is wrong and unprofessional.  Two months to put a letter into the the mail is unacceptable in any other profession.  All they had to do is fill in the name and address on the form letter, address the envelope and put it in the mail.  Two months went by waiting for them to put a letter in the mail.  This was just the beginning of our delays and this Catholic Diocesan Tribunal Office taking an exceedingly long time to get anything completed.

I beg of the staff at the Catholic Diocesan Tribunal Office to find a more efficient way to complete these steps in the annulment process.  It is okay to get things completed in one week and meet deadlines.  We, as the petitioner, would appreciate your service more if you would meet deadlines.  I am positive that I am not the only one that has experienced these unprofessional failures to meet deadlines, otherwise our advocate would not have a made up name for it…..Tribunal Time.


Author: waitingonthetribunal

We are going through the Catholic Annulment process as we want to get married in 2017.

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