Dear Catholic Bishop

I am upset today.  Here I am again waiting on a staff member at the Catholic Diocese Tribunal office to do their job.

Dear Catholic Bishop,

Please hire a larger staff or a new staff for the Catholic Diocese Tribunal office.  I am a member of a annulment support group and I hear day in and day out of people not being provided any information about their annulment.  They have been waiting up to two years to get a response from the tribunal office.  We advise each other to reach out to the advocate.  The advocate tells us that they are working on it.  No other information.  What are they working on?  How long will it be until a decision is made?  What is the hold up?  Can your office be more transparent in what you are doing?  Tell us what step we are on.  Tell us how long the step will take.

Those who have been divorced and those who wish to marry someone that has been divorced deserve a more transparent annulment process.  We wait for the annulment decision to be made so that we can be married in the Catholic Church. All of our families and friends ask regularly when we will get married.  We have been given suggestions by some that their church is welcoming and that we could have a religious marriage in their church without this long wait.  Does the Catholic Church want the divorced members to find another religion that welcomes them without waiting two years for a decision?

I hope that the Bishop will consider stepping into the tribunal office and start helping out this failing office.  Reform needs to occur and the errors need to be fixed sooner than later.  Waiting another day equals another member of the Catholic Church leaving for another religion because of the lack of care and concern shown to them through the annulment process.


Waiting on the Tribunal




Author: waitingonthetribunal

We are going through the Catholic Annulment process as we want to get married in 2017.

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