Why did I bother waiting for this annulment

My dream has been to get married in the Catholic Church.  I waited over 30 years to find a husband.  He happened to be a divorced man.  He is a wonderful man and agreed to go through this painful annulment process just so that I could get married in the Catholic Church.  He is even honoring my request to wait until marriage.  Every man that I ever dated did not want or try to honor my request to wait until marriage.  They had other ideas that made me not want to date them any more.  Until my fiance came along.  I told him right away when we started dating.  And he was okay with it.  Did I mention that I also want a family.  I want little children running around our home.  I want to be a MOM.  But we are waiting until marriage.  Why?  Why should I even wait anymore?  The Catholic Diocese Tribunal Office does not care that we want a family and that I am not getting any younger.  I stress now about my clock ticking and the opportunity to have children is decreasing each month.  The employees continue to cause further delays.  The annulment process has now reached twice as long as it should have.  The work that the employees have done could have been completed in half the time it has taken them so far.   But they don’t care.  They give excuse after excuse.  They lie about timelines and have no desire to help you or do their job as a normal person would expect of an employee.  I have even reached out to the Director and their response was to contact the advocate.  Even the Director of the Tribunal office could care less that the employees are not completing their jobs to expectations.   He needs to be replaced too.  If you do not work to improve the office for which you direct, then you have failed us too.

Do you want to ruin your dreams and life goals, for example start a family, then get an annulment in my Catholic Diocese Tribunal office?  They will show you lack of care for the people they serve.  They will ignore your requests to get updates and make excuses of why they do not do their jobs.  They will show you how unwelcome you are as a divorced person and how the Catholic Church really does not want you to be a part of their community.  They will waste over a year of your life as they do nothing with your annulment paperwork.


Run, don’t stop, find another religion because the Catholic Tribunal office employees will hurt you every step of the way.


Author: waitingonthetribunal

We are going through the Catholic Annulment process as we want to get married in 2017.

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